Key to any HBCU’s success in the 21st century is using technology that effectively supports teaching and learning. The learning management system is an essential component. Ideally it is a facilitator of effective interaction between students and faculty, making the learning experience simpler, more engaging and more effective.

After evaluating a variety of LMS alternatives to support Wiley College’s success with distance learning programs in the future, today we announced a new partnership with LMS provider Instructure to use Canvas as our learning management system (LMS).


In the end it came down to three major drivers: 1) Ease of use. The learning curve for using Canvas effectively is far easier for students and faculty. Having a system people can use is half the battle. 2) Mobile friendliness. Mobile learning is a reality many HBCUs haven’t faced up to yet, but it’s here, and it’s time to embrace it. 3) Integration options. Canvas readily connects to many other campus systems as well as learning tools available through its partner network. That is essential for the heterogeneous technology environments we operate in today.

Actually there is a fourth driver: Willing partnership. Instructure has made a particular effort to work with us and our unique needs as an HBCU. That goes far towards establishing a productive partnership that will benefit the CEDL, Wiley College and our students.

Read more about the partnership in the full announcement here.


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